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Success is the realization of your vision for Wise Advice. Its key ingredient is its cooperation and prerequisite, the acquaintance and understanding of your needs. Next steps, planning, preparation and presentation. Completion of work and transfer of our know-how. The best advertisement for us is your success.



From the beginning of the business idea, compilation of business planning, budget and creation of a corporate identity to the function of business according to the contemporary management standards of business management and promotion the market of small and medium-sized enterprises wishes for quality services and competent partners. As far as Greece concerns the profile of small and medium enterprises has changed. Young people with the necessary academic background and professional experience create business which they organize in contemporary business models. Business plans, budgets and costs are now necessary for the design of a business. This new necessity is covered by Wise Advise, by using modern prepress tools, which reduce the cost and the time of establishment of the necessary infrastructure for the operation of enterprises.


Many small and medium-sized enterprises traditionally prefer external reposition of the bookkeeping of accounting files. This trend is the result, among others, of their nature, as they either do not have or do not wish to allocate resources for the operation of financial departments within their business. Accounting services have a dual role: on the one hand, they cover the ever-increasing tendency to outsource work on behalf of medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand they aim to support the decision-making process for clients, providing the overall picture of their economic and operational situation.


Mediation is an alternative way of resolving disputes and promises significant benefits to all parties involved. Towards to the judicial process, mediation propose a quicker settlement of trade and/or personal disputes, but mainly oriented towards seeking a solution beneficial to both parties, while ensuring the maintenance of a healthy relationship between them. Mediation is therefore becoming a qualifier, not only as quicker and less expensive than judicial or arbitral proceedings, but more so because it allows the preservation of professional and interpersonal relationships.


Having extensive experience in the administration of financial departments of large enterprises, the certified adult education founders of Wise Advice organize intra-business seminars on Marketing, Accounting and Negotiation. The company promotes, on one hand, its participation in the selection and training of the personnel of the financial departments of its clients, on the other hand the training of their executives in matters of negotiation and administration. Through these services creates a holistic and multi-layered collaboration with each client company, thus creating management tools to support the administration and operation of this.


Who we are

Wise Advice was founded in 2019 and is based in Aghia Paraskevi, Attica. The aim of the company is to provide integrated services in matters of business organization and management, tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of the cooperating companies.

Wise Advise

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