Stamos G. Tsanousis

Stamos Tsanousis


Graduate of the University Department of Business Administration and Master in Business Administration. He has extensive experience in the financial and accounting departments of Attica, having now taken over the management of the economically renowned group of companies, as well as the training of his staff on tax changes and other issues. At the Same time, he was certified as a negotiator (Athens University of Economics) and Ombudsman (Ministry of Justice, Transparency and human rights), as a real estate appraiser (Association of Greek Appraisers), as well as an adult trainer (Greek manpower OAED). Believing deeply in the institution of lifelong learning, education and training regularly monitors seminars and educations, topics related to his interests, as well as his personal gradients.

Stamatis T. Perrakis

Stamatis Perrakis


Graduate of the University Department of Industrial Management and business technology and Master in business Administration. He has been working for several years as an accountant and economist, having undertaken the operation and supervision of the accounting departments of numerous companies. It builds on the systemic approach to decision-making and harmoniously combines technological advances with Lean Management. For Stamatis Perrakis, lifelong learning and continuous training are an obligation and not an option.